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Integrated. Experienced. Caring

What makes a Goodsky programme so effective?

Unlike a hospital or rehab retreat our treatment teams work with each other across many modalities of care to ensure a holistic and thorough treatment of your needs.

Mental health requires a shared care team to get remission and long term health.

Our health care providers are regulated through individual governing bodies in Australia

Successfully treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, stress and burnout requires an integrated and holistic team of professionals working together to get you results. 

Your treatment and shared care teams communicate on all facets of your programme on a daily basis and adapt protocols to suit your progression and pace.

We use successful practitioners with private practices across the country that are not only highly qualified but can work within your team to get results. 

All this monitored by on-demand case management that guides your programme to success giving you every chance of long term health.

Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neurotherapy

Dr Roby Abeles - programme consultant

  • Psy D Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
  • MA in Counselling Psychology and Spiritual Psychology
  • BA in Psychology specialising in Chemical Dependency Counselling
  • Co-developer of The MATES Regulation & Resourcing Program Certified
  • Brainspotting(BSP) Practitioner & one of only 2 Brainspotting Trainers in Australia
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner – SEP
  • EMDR Australia Approved Consultant
  • Psychotherapist and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) Approved Supervisor
  • Organisations

    PACFA # 20556 Psychotherapists And Counsellors Federation of Australia, CAPA #28482 Counsellors And Psychotherapists Association, Australia, LMFT #36667 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, California, USA, ISTSS International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, EMDRAA Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Australia Assn

    Lead psychotherapist at Abeles Consulting, where for the past 30+ years

    I have provided integrative, whole-person, addiction and trauma resolution therapy to hundreds of clients. My work is informed by current knowledge about interpersonal neurobiology, the links between gut and brain health, cutting-edge neuroscience, and brain & body-based therapies, all of which give us access to the parts of the mind and body that traditional “talk therapy” cannot reach.

    Dr Andy Hughes - programme consultant

  • MBBch (Wales) MRCPsych. FRANZCP
  • Dr Hughes is a general adult/teen psychiatrist with a special interest in liaison psychiatry. He can cover all diagnostic categories including adolescent, maternal, addiction and trauma-based presentations.

    Dr Hughes consults in both outpatient and inpatient settings at the Buderim Private Hospital's Cooinda Mental Health Service and ​Cooinda Clinic.

    Matt Dilges

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) Psychology. B. Nurs Diploma in Business (Management) Psychology Nursing Family & Systemic Therapy Constellation Facilitation
  • Matt Dilges is a Consultant Therapist, Trainer and Therapy Supervisor for 26 years in public and private sectors. He is passionate about getting to the heart of issues quickly with clients and is known for making complex material clear and accessible for clinicians/clients to integrate theory into practice targeting clients' specific needs.

    His expertise is in working with relational trauma and he values creativity and spirit in his practice built on a strong foundation of Attachment, Developmental & SystemsTheory, Neurobiology, Somatic Experiencing and Personal Transformation. His background qualifications are in Mental Health Nursing, Psychology, Family Therapy, Human Service Management, he is an ACA accredited Supervisor, Family & Systemic Constellator, and Intiatic Arts Sensorimotor Therapist.

    Dr Carla Rogers

    Dr Carla has completed a PhD in Psychology and has over 25 years in the psychologist field across a broad range of areas including teaching, research, and counselling. She has spent the last 11 years working both full and part-time in the counselling field, working with adults, children/teens, couples and families.

    Dr Carla has worked in a variety of settings including government organisations, not for profits, universities, youth counselling services, and in private practice.

    Dr Mark Ryan (Neurocare Sydney)

    Dr. Ryan is a Psychiatrist with a strong interest in understanding the mind-brain-body nexus and new approaches in therapies that can improve and sustain mental health and well-being.

    Mark has worked primarily in consultation-liaison psychiatry, providing care in medical and surgical wards. With an abiding interest in psycho-physiology, biofeedback and neuroscience, Mark is accumulating and developing expertise in applying personalised neuromodulation treatments, incorporating these with other established treatment approaches. For many years Mark has integrated the techniques of neurofeedback and other neuromodulation techniques into patient care.

    In 2016 Mark joined the neuroCare Group and engaged with neuroCare’s personalised system of treatments in mental health care. Mark works with neuroCare’s research team to deliver evidence-based methods of integrating brain-based technologies with interpersonal therapies and is trained to administer repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) and Neurofeedback.

    Mark has a particular interest in the link between sleep and both physical and psychological well-being. By combining his comprehensive understanding of insomnia and its role in mental health with leading-edge technologies, Mark offers his patients an innovative and personalised path to achieving positive outcomes.

    Dr Ryan published an article in 2019 addressing the role of Sleep in ADHD, showing how Neurofeedback is an effective therapy options in this area.

    Mark is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and is a BCIA-A accredited neurofeedback practitioner.

    Dr Khaldoon (Khal) Alsaee

    Dr Khaldoon is a consultant psychiatrist for Goodsky. He completed his medical degree at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland and moved shortly after to Australia to complete training in Psychiatry through the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He sub-specialises in addiction psychiatry. Dr Khaldoon has also completed training in pain medicine through the Faculty of Pain Medicine - Australia & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. 

    From a psychiatric perspective, Dr Khaldoon specialises in mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders and any cases that involve multiple medical co-morbidities; especially chronic pain. 

    Gail Kenny

    Diploma of Teaching - Early Childhood (1987), Masters in Gestalt Therapy (2005), Certificate - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (2003), Certificate - Integrative Breathwork Therapy (IBT) (2011), Certificate - Systemic Family Constellation Facilitation (2011), Certificate - Level One Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) (2011), Certificate - Level 2 Australian Bush Flower Essences (2011), Certificate IV - Clinical Hypnotherapy (2012), Certificate - Level 1 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (2013-2014), Certificate - Level 2 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (2014-2016), Brainspotting - Phases 1 & 2 (2016), Havening - 3 days training (2017), PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Counselling) - Level 1 (2017)

    Drawing on a variety of methods and traditions, I am trained to listen deeply, observe closely and feedback what I notice in a non-judgemental way. You and I then work together from this new place of awareness to heal the past and allow your desired changes to materialise.


  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Body Image/Weight
  • Compulsions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Depression (Mild to Moderate)
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Grief and Loss
  • Isolation and Loneliness
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Personal Growth and Enrichment
  • Physical Problems with an Emotional Cause
  • Recovery from Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Relationships
  • Relaxation
  • Religious and Spiritual Issues
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress
  • Trauma (including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Josephine Keijzer

  • Mental health social worker accreditation, Bachelors degree in Social Science (counselling) Diploma in modern psychology and clinical hypnotherapy
  • Accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker
  • Bachelor's degree in Social Science (counselling)
  • Diploma in Modern psychology and clinical hypnotherapy
  • CBT
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • I have worked both locally and internationally and have spent a number of years as a Clinical psychotherapist and Director of Therapies for a residential mental health clinic specialising in trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression. I enjoy and teach yoga and mindfulness and regularly collaborate with GP's, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, naturopaths, nutritionists and personal trainers to get the best outcomes for long-term health for clients.

    Sharon Lederlin

  • B. Soc Sc (Counselling), MACA Level 3, Eagala Cert. - Mental Health Professional
  • Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling)
  • Certificate III in Telephone Counselling
  • Sandplay therapy practitioner
  • Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy
  • EAGALA Cert. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning ­ Mental Health Professional Accredited Facilitator in “Circle of Security” ® parenting program
  • My work as a counsellor incorporates evidence­ and theory­ based therapies such as art and play therapy for children/adolescents and adults. I believe that through experiential play clients are best able to form therapeutic alliances, express themselves, relate to others, learn new knowledge and skills whereby their egos are boosted, they master stress, and they develop their own sense of self-worth. These creative approaches include sand play therapy (art assisted psychotherapy), expressive arts techniques, puppet play techniques, and a gamut of techniques using paint, sculpture, clay, markers, drawing and other artistic materials. This therapy views the process of art­ making as therapeutic.

    Helen Sorensen

    Dip. Counselling, MACA Level 2, NCAS Level 2, EAGALA Adv. Cert. - Equine Specialist & Mental Health Professional

    As the Australian pioneer of the EAGALA model in equine assisted psychotherapy Helen is the most qualified and experienced facilitators in the country.  Helen and her team work with a very broad spectrum of mental health issues and self development across all age groups.  

    First class facilities and a therapeutic experience that you won't forget

    Judy Barwick

    B.Soc.Wk.(Hons. Cl. 1), Brainspotting (David Grand) Levels 1 and 2, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness therapy processes. (John Forsyth and Russell Harris)

    Advanced Certified Imago Relationship Therapist (Dr Harville Hendrix), Gottman Relationship Therapist - Levels 1, 2, 3. (Dr John Gottman), Encounter Centred Couples Therapy EcCT (Hedy Schleifer), Conjoint Family Therapy (Dan Wiley), Internal Family Systems (Richard Schwartz)

    Attachment-Based Family Therapy - ABFT (Guy Diamond and Suzanne Levy), Gestalt Therapy

    Transactional Analysis, Strategic Family Therapy (Minuchin), Multi-generational Family Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, Mind over Gut (Simon Knowles)

    Judith prides herself on being thoroughly informed about any modality she uses and in over 37 years of therapeutic practice, there are many. She was employed by DVA (Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service) for nearly 20 years and worked as a Senior Psychiatric Social Worker at a well known private hospital in Brisbane. She is now in full-time private practice.

    She welcomes all clients with genuine respect for whatever parts of themselves they struggle with, be it complex trauma, PTSD grief and loss, addiction issues, depression, anxiety and stress, self-esteem, anger, isolation, spiritual confusion to name a few.

    She is passionate about working with couples and families as well as developing and facilitating programs for clients both individual and couples and supervising therapists. She has been trained as a Consultant for Imago Relationship Therapists by Maya Kohlman. Judith believes that whilst training is crucial, positive therapeutic outcomes are based on the Counsellor’s authentic attunement and connection with those people we help.

    Caroline Twiggs

  • Advanced Counselling Diploma (S.A.C. Dip.)
  • 2004 Stonebridge Associated Colleges, United Kingdom
  • Diploma in Community Welfare
  • 2008 Life Bridge, Maroochydore
  • Practitioner Life Coach Diploma
  • 2002 Noble Manhattan, United Kingdom
  • Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
  • 2000 Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Child Youth Mental Health Services January 2012 – Present
  • Circle of Security – Attachment Theory
  • Have on-going supervision and Professional Development with CYMHS focussing on Circle of
  • Security, Attachment Theory
  • Lifeline Community Care Queensland July 2007
  • Lifeline Telephone Counselling
  • Affiliate Member of Australian Counselling Association
  • Proven track record in assisting individuals to address barriers, such as attachment, trauma and low self-esteem, through Circle Of Security attachment framework, client centred and solution-focused techniques.

    Extensive experience working with young people from different cultures and backgrounds

    I am a dedicated, empathetic and compassionate individual who has been exposed to a range of people with differing needs. Having lived and worked in Australia and abroad, I have been fortunate to have met and interacted with people of many different cultures and backgrounds. These experiences have given me opportunities to broaden my understanding of various issues that people face on a day to day basis. As a life-long learner, my motivation and commitment is a driving force in my desire to help people face life’s difficulties.

    Tim Weir

    HBOT (oxygen therapy) & Neurofeedback

    Neurotherapists use sensitive Neurofeedback equipment to record and assess brain wave activity. When brain waves become dysregulated or "out of sync" they produce dysfunctional or symptomatic thoughts, feelings & behaviors. Medically, we use descriptive labels to identify these pattern dysfunctions as psychological disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, OCD, Sleep disorder, Tic Disorder, Epilepsy and Post concessional syndrome for example.

    Neurofeedback therapy is a medication-free approach to treatment that trains the brain to become balanced and regulated. A balanced brain processes efficiently and effectively and results in better brain function. Neurofeedback therapy results in neuronal correction leading to improved brain function and less side effects, compared to strictly medication focussed treatment.

    Josephine Keijzer

    Mental health social worker accreditation, Bachelors degree in Social Science (counselling) Diploma in modern psychology and clinical hypnotherapy

    I have accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker and a Bachelor's degree in Social Science (counselling), have obtained a Diploma in Modern psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. I utilise a range of evidence-based therapies and focussed strategies such as CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and positive psychology when working with clients. Sessions are tailored to support positive change and lasting results.

    I have worked both locally and internationally and have spent a number of years as a Clinical psychotherapist and Director of Therapies for a residential mental health clinic specialising in trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression. I enjoy and teach yoga and mindfulness and regularly collaborate with GP's, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, naturopaths, nutritionists and personal trainers to get the best outcomes for long-term health for clients.

    Dr Maggie Hughes

    D.Psych (Clin)

    Dr Hughes has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from UQ completed in 2013, practising since 2010. Dr Hughes’ training and practice have focused on working with those experiencing severe and chronic mental disorders. She has worked with people in all age groups and prefers to see teenagers and young adults. She works from a behavioural perspective and primarily uses ACT, DBT, MBCT, CBT, MCT, and Schema Therapy.

    Dr Hughes worked in Acute Care Teams with Qld Health (Brisbane and Sunshine coast) for the past five years and recently resigned to return to conducting longer-term therapy (longer than 3-4 sessions). She was also recently employed as a sessional staff member at USC, lecturing in the post-grad Psychology program.

    Dr Hughes is an Accredited Clinical Psychology Supervisor and a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science, the Australian Clinical Psychology Association, and the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy.

    Noula Diamantopoulos

    Noula is an Australian psychotherapist, author and artist. Noula’s work covers three core dimensions: Firstly, her focus on providing psychotherapy support to adults who experience symptoms arising from childhood neglect, emotional adversity  and PTSD, as well as other mental health issues; Secondly within her personal art practice where she uses a range of large-scale mediums to open new conversations and perspectives on mental health issues.

    She is the founding director of the BeCause Movement; Finally through workshops and courses which focus on the unique relationship between relational neuroscience, therapy and art.

    Noula’s work is fueled by a deeply held ambition to eliminate the influence of neglect, the experience of not being loved or accepted or knowing that you belong, that you matter within your family and community. She believes that with the support of heart-felt psychology practice and a better understanding how we are wired to attach and how we have unconsciously created strategies to survive when we were young that now no longer serve us in adulthood and the effectiveness of art process on our mental health and wellbeing, individuals can move through limiting mental barriers and behaviour blocks, and into a higher quality of life.

    Anita Whelan

    Taking the best from her Diplomas in Craniosacral Therapy and Remedial Massage and her experience as a Yoga Teacher, Anita works to assist people in their deepest healing. Her training in Biodynamic or Stillness Touch has honed her skills as a tactile therapist, giving her the capacity to effectively work with people’s physical, mental and emotional conditions, via the body.

    She completed the three-year Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training and Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists in April 2019. Somatic Experiencing is the physiological approach to resolving trauma, be it shock or developmental trauma. 

    Dr Claire Lantai

    With her Paediatric training, Dr Claire’s focus is in helping children, especially children with special needs. She is passionate in helping with developmental, learning and behavioral issues. This includes Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Cerebral Palsy and intellectual and Sensory Disabilities. Dr Claire works closely with Pediatricians and Therapists to continue her professional development and stay on trend with the latest treatments for special needs children.

    Dr Claire aims to streamline and coordinate care of high-needs children with developmental, learning and behavioral issues between their GP, Paediatricians, Allied Health professionals and other support services.

    Dr Claire graduated from the University of Queensland in Brisbane and has worked at the Gold Coast Hospital, Townsville General Hospital & Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane before moving into General Practice.

    Dr Claire was successful in achieving a Paediatric training position at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane and spent 3 years working in Paediatrics before becoming a General Practitioner.

    After obtaining her fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practice (FRACGP) in 2006, she and her family moved to  South East Queensland where she has worked since.

    Tim Lucas

    Tim Lucas has been a practising nurse for over 6 years and has worked at Studio Chiro since it first opened 3 years ago.

    Tim received his undergraduate degree from the University of Tasmania at St. Vincent’s, where he started as a wards man. He later moved his way up to become the Nursing Unit Manager of the acute mental health ward. Tim later went on to complete his post-graduate studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, completely a Graduate Certificate of Mental Health Nursing.

    Looking for a new challenge, Tim undertook the role of manager of three wards at Wesley Hospital, Ashfield, specialising in Mental Health, Addictions and Recovery and Eating Disorders. He led the hospital to become financial for the first time in several years and grew all programs in both numbers and reputation.

    Tim and Rebecca later went on to complete a 10-day intensive course in Neurofeedback in the states.

    Donna Allen

    I am a accredited Social Worker with over 20 years experience in human services and have always been passionate about getting the most out of the brain to improve people's satisfaction with life and reach their fullest potential.

     I can work with you in traditional psychotherapy formats such as CBT but can also provide neurofeedback which trains the brain to produce less of the electrical frequencies associated with challenging thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

    This process does not put anything into the brain, it just reads the frequencies and provides feedback in a fun way through a television monitor allowing your brain to make necessary adjustments.  This is a bit like when you do not realise you have food on your face until you look in a mirror or someone tells you - this feedback is the same, but specifically for the brain.

    Neurofeedback combined with psychotherapy can increase the effectiveness of both and speeds up recovery.  However, if you would prefer to work with just one of the modalities, I am happy to be guided by you.

    I strive to provide families with renewed hope for nonchemical treatment and provide individually tailored treatment protocols that are fun and engaging for all ages.

    Medical Team

    Dr Tara Lewington (Noosa Health Centres)

  • In demand E.R Doctor and surgeon across the majority of Sunshine Coast hospitals

    Dr Dev Banajee (Lullaby Sleep)

    Sleep Physician - MBChB BSs Hons MD FRCP(UK) FRACP


    Dr Dev graduated in Medicine from the University of Leeds

    UK with extensive training in Sleep Medicine in the UK and Australia. His training in Respiratory Medicine and Sleep Medicine took place in the West Midlands UK, followed by a 14 months Clinical and Research Fellow appointment at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney


    Senior Consultant Physician

    Between 2004 and 2013, Dev was a Senior Consultant Physician in Sleep Medicine at the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, and Senior Research Fellow at Aston University between 2009 and 2013, and worked for University of Sydney and St. Vincent’s Hospital (Darlinghurst, Sydney).

    Other roles

    Other roles include providing sleep advice regularly on TV and Radio and Newspapers, and assisting Court as a medicolegal expert in the field of Sleep Medicine.

    Marie Morris (Sunshine Coast Infusion Therapies)

    Marie one of the Co-Founders of this amazing business. Together with my husband John we are Sunshine Coast Infusion Therapies.

    I have been a nurse for the past 40 years and have recently decided to follow what really inspires me and that is assisting people to have optimal functional wellness to be the most successful and healthy they can.

    With the experience, I have in nursing and my own health journey has lead me to create this business to assist others to have great health.

    Naturopathy, Dietetics & Nutrition

    Lizzi George

    After years of unsuccessful medical treatments as a child, Lizzi saw a Chinese Medicine Practitioner in her early teens, whose treatment was not only immediately effective, but also permanently changed the course of her life. She needed to know more and enrolled to study Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine, graduating in 2008.  

    Lizzi was then employed by one of the largest natural medicine wholesalers and manufacturers in Australia, giving her a broad knowledge of the natural medicine product and industry, and their manufacturing processes.  Lizzi then went on to manage one of the largest natural medicine clinics in the country.

    In 2017, Lizzi founded the Health Recovery Centre and has been on a mission to change our understanding of mental health treatments since then.   Her exceptional knowledge of the microbiome and the brain-gut connection is evident in her clinical practice. Her motto is “test, don’t guess”, and she prides herself on a thorough investigation to ensure the treatment is both more effective and targeted for lifelong improvement.

    Lizzi has been working with the Goodsky Mental Health Retreat for 5 years in addition to her private clinical practice. The team at Goodsky has achieved great success over the years and continues to provide innovative, personalised, mental health treatments. 

    Kelly Hodges

  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), Nutritionist
  • Member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)
  • Author
  • Group Exercise Leader
  • Founder of Coastal Dietetics
  • Coastal Dietetics is a Sunshine Coast based dietitian service using only unbiased scientific evidence to support and back recommendations. We appreciate how young the science of nutrition is, and therefore keep an open mind and are constantly evolving with research.

    We firmly believe that food is the most powerful and safe form of medicine to regain health and that the correctly formulated diet can work wonders for all health states, including improving mental health and wellbeing.

    We strongly believe that the less sugar in the diet the better, that natural fat is essential, and that gut health is fundamental to optimal health. Coastal Dietetics uses a whole food based approach to ensure a healthy macronutrient distribution and adequate micronutrient intake.

    Emma Day

    Emma is a qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist having graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics.

    Emma understands the importance of providing personalised nutrition advice that is tailored to the individual and supports their goals. Emma provides a high standard of care and utilises an unbiased, holistic and evidence-based approach.

    Tim Matthews

    Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), Nutritionist, Member of Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA), Personal Trainer

    Tim graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics. Already a Personal Trainer and with a passion for helping others, Tim developed a fascination for nutrition after researching low carb and ketogenic diets. With this combined skill set, Tim is knowledgeable and passionate in helping others with sports nutrition, weight management, diabetes reversal and older adults nutrition.

    While Tim sees a broad range of conditions, he is particularly interested in:

  • Diabetes reversal (through nutrition)
  • Sports nutrition (specialising in supporting resistance training)
  • Sarcopenia (ageing related muscle decline)
  • Tim practices using a holistic client focused, practitioner guided counselling model that aims to assist clients to confidently navigate the nutrition world. Tim believes in improving people’s relationship with food to achieve long term success.
  • Deliciously Clean Eats

    Dietitians, Sarah and Emma were looking for ways to steer away from the clinical route and instead weave their nutrition and health expertise into a more purposeful outlet like the food services industry.

    So when the conversation started flowing – somewhere between burpees and olympic weight lifting – it didn’t take long for them to come up with the idea of creating convenient, dietitian-led pre-packaged meals that would cater for those wanting a handy and healthy eating solution on the go.

    Operating from its commercial kitchen on the Sunshine Coast, Deliciously Clean Eats is now one of the most iconic pre-packaged meal providers in South East Queensland, catering to busy executives, everyday families, students, elderly plus major sporting and corporate events throughout the region.

    Ann George

    Integrated Chef and produce supply - Health Recovery Centre

    Ann creates delicious meals based on pathology results with the intention of directly supporting gut health and restoration through food as medicine.  This give the Goodsky programme complete flexibility to adapt dietary requirements based on each person and their preferences and cultural needs.  

    Nirvana Meals

    Melissa Donnelly & Raphael Andreucci Miragaia Ribeiro

    Melissa’s approach to health and fitness is a little different to many personal trainers and nutritionists you may have worked with in the past.

    Experienced Nutritionist (Melissa) and highly regarded Head Chef (Raphael) have developed the delicious flavours and menus of Nirvana Life Meals. 

    Each meal is cooked with guidance by Melissa who focuses on macronutrients, calories and nutrition. While always addressing the digestive power of each meal. The majority of meals are gluten and dairy-free. Raphael then ensures every meal is full of flavor and originality while taking all health guidelines into consideration. 

    Through the tools and techniques learned through years of studies with Ayurveda and fitness coaching, every program and nutritional plan is designed around every individual body type, stage of life and current health diagnosis including digestive strength.

    Megan Bray

    Director & Accredited Practicing Dietitian at Food Mind Body

    Megan is a graduate of the University of Queensland; she holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and a Master of Dietetic Studies. Megan is a strong advocate for recovery, non-diet nutrition and body acceptance. She believes empathy, compassion and expertise are the foundation of supporting individuals with eating concerns.

    Megan has undertaken research in the eating disorder field, works as a peer mentor with individuals pursuing recovery, and is active in the pro-recovery social media space.

    Physical Therapies Team

    Dr Greg Oliver

    Associate Osteopath - B.Clin .Sc, M.Osteo.Med Member O.A

    He was drawn to Osteopathy due to its emphasis on assessing and treating the whole person. He has a particular interest in treating back and neck conditions having done postgraduate studies in this area.

    Dr Rachel Poustie

    Associate Osteopath - Associate Osteopath - B.App.Sc (Comp.Med) I M.Osteo

    Rachel studied Osteopathy at RMIT in Melbourne and graduated in 2003 with a double degree. She has worked in Bendigo, Victoria since 2003, and has owned her own clinic for the last 4 years. She loves treating pregnant women, babies/children, however, her main clinical passion is treating chronic tendinopathies and other soft tissue injuries/conditions, that have been unresponsive to other types of therapy. She is treating these types of condition using Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT).

    Dr Michelle Lilja

    Associate Osteopath - Associate Osteopath - B.Sc., B.Sc(Clin) I M.H.Sc. (Osteo)

    Michelle studied a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne and also holds a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Sciences and a Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy from Victoria University.

    Dr Vincent Cahill

    Practice Partner Osteopath - B.Sc (Clinical) I M.H.Sc (Osteo)

    Vin is experienced with acute and chronic injuries and has special interests in treating sports injuries, acute and chronic spinal pain and headaches. He has also treated a range of young athletes including dancers and as of late CrossFit athletes

    Dr Matt Daly

    Practice Principle Osteopath - B.Sc (Clinical) I M.H.Sc (Osteo)

    As an Osteopath, Matthew emphasises an understanding of the anatomy and fundamental biomechanics behind each and every patient’s problem. His passion is addressing the root of the problem and employing sound clinical treatment and management to get the best possible outcome

    Gez McFadden

    Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Sports, Diploma of Applied Science in Biology, Certificate lll & IV in Fitness, Senior First Aid and CPR.

    Exercise Physiologist. Personal Trainer

    Gez has represented the ACT in rugby union and has placed 2nd at the Australian

    Natural Bodybuilding Titles over 2 years as well as representing Australia in the 2003 Natural Olympia in Auckland New Zealand. He understands the discipline and drive required to achieve goals which can be related to the very busy lifestyles of everyday people.

    Exercise Physiologists

    Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Sports, Diploma of Applied Science in Biology, Certificate lll & IV in Fitness, Senior First Aid and CPR.

  • Lee Mu
  • Siarn Stokes
  • Maddison Kennedy
  • Naomi Mihailovic

  • Personal Trainer
  • Massage Therapist including accredited choice point technique
  • Wellness Coach 
  • Nadine Kent

  • Pilates Instructor
  • TRAINEESHIP Pilates Institute of Australasia
  • DIPLOMA Pilates Education POLESTAR
  • Principal Member Pilates Alliance Australasia (10,000+ hours)
  • Polestar Education Australia MENTOR & ASSISTANT EDUCATOR
  • Certified Level 1 Teacher GYROKINESIS® exercise
  • Dan Potter

    Choice Point Technique (CPT) is a uniquely devised Remedial Massage treatment consisting of the manipulation of the soft and deep tissues, ligaments, tendons and muscles. CPT aims to release soft tissue irregularities and to correct misalignment caused by high tension in tissue.

    Choice Point Technique’s Sunshine Coast based clinic is proving to be a leader in pain relief treatment. The focus of our practice is fast relief from neck and back pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, migraines and stress-related discomfort. Along with ligament and tendon manipulation, our Sunshine Coast massage therapy clinic provides qualified remedial, deep-tissue and sports massage.

    No matter how long you’ve been experiencing physical discomfort from chronic pain, we can tailor a treatment plan to help manage your condition.

    Choice Point Technique has been so effective that it is believed to directly effect the body’s own energetic bio-field. This bio-field is a matrix of pathways that allows healing information and communications to travel at high speed around the body.

    Potentially the correction of physical position in tendons and muscles may be unblocking energy flow within the bio-field. CPT opens up these superhighways of energy to allow healing to occur far more rapidly.

    Nada Milanovic

    Yoga Instructor - Pilates Studio

    Our aim is to facilitate learning and growth in your yoga practice, and on your yoga journey, providing impetus to improve your strength and flexibility. When we have the power to control the mind and the body, we then have the capacity to unite the body, mind, heart and soul with harmony, love and peace.

    Our vision is to guide and teach you how to fully relax, let go of everything and be in the moment, to receive maximum benefits from your yoga and meditation practice.

    Shani Isaacson

    Shani has more than 20 years experience in natural therapies. Prior to becoming a registered Acupuncturist, Shani worked as a Remedial Massage Therapist, which gave her a deep understanding of the human condition and the knowledge of how important integrative health care and nutrition is for wellbeing.

    Shani holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture and is extremely passionate about Chinese Medicine and wellness. Shani maintains her own health, with her love for fitness, the outdoors and our environment and says, “I seriously would not try to live my life without regular Acupuncture”. Shani also believes that self-care and responsibility for your own health are keys to a long happy life.

    AHPRA registered

    AACMA member

    Andrea Bicket

    Andrea Bicket is a highly skilled acupuncturist who has a special interest in fertility improvementpregnancy health and post-natal care. With more than a decade’s experience, Andrea’s holistic approach to achieving total wellness in everybody incorporates the best of eastern and western healing methods.

    Andrea’s Qualifications & Training

    Her extensive training and experience, including study in both Japan and China, has enabled Andrea to combine Oriental medicine philosophies and techniques with western medical screening to achieve the best outcomes for each and every client.

  • Bachelor in Health Science in Acupuncture ( Australian College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne)
  • Postgraduate studies in natural fertility management.
  • This is especially true of her fertility-focused work. Andrea is passionate about helping couples improve their individual fertility and gain optimal health prior to and for conception and IVF; supporting couples through IVF cycles; facilitating healthy pregnancies and babies; assisting with all pregnancy-related conditions, including labour promotion; as well as providing post-natal health care and breastfeeding-related assistance.

    Highly skilled in pulse, abdomen and tongue diagnosis, Andrea’s technical skills in acupuncture, and  moxibustion allow for an incredibly accurate, whole-body approach to treatment.

    But it is not only Andrea’s expertise as a holistic healthcare provider that sets her apart, it is also her immense capacity to understand and relate to her clients intuitively and with the utmost respect and sensitivity. A working mother of two children, Andrea understands the demands and pressures of modern life and the additional stress this places on the body.

    AHPRA registered

    AACMA member since 2000

    Joseph Sia

    Joseph is a highly skilled acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, Tuina massage therapist, naturopath, nutritionist, and western herbal practitioner. He has a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine) from Endeavour College of Natural Health and a Master of Applied Science (Chinese Herbal Medicine) from Royal Melbourne of Institute of Technology.

    All of Joseph’s treatments aim to restore harmony and healthy balance both physically and emotionally, using acupuncture and herbal medicine as well as nutritional supplements, individualised dietary and lifestyle advice to achieve optimal wellness for each individual patient.

    Joseph is a warm, friendly and caring person who enjoys the journey and joy of working with his patients. He is a big believer of preventive healthcare and is passionate about empowering and educating his patients.


    AACMA member

    Lach McAlister

    Over the years I’ve spent time delivering cardiac, neuromuscular and pulmonary rehabilitation while working in the fields of public health, disability services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait lslander community health.

    I have a passion in supporting individuals with autism and neurodevelopment challenges to flourish, with a keen interest in children and young people within these communities.

    I believe in person centred care and the need to look at the unique differences that define each of us as individuals, to optimise overall health. I’m an advocate for patient education and believe exercise is medicine, with significant health benefits, minus the side effects.

    Therese Darcy

    Bachelor of Physiotherapy 1995

    • Master of Physiotherapy (Manual Therapy) 2002

    • Post Graduate Diploma in Health Ergonomics 2003.

    Therese is a member of:

    • Australian Physiotherapy Association

    • International Headache Society

    • American Headache Society

    Tess (Therese) Darcy is the Director of Coastal Headache Clinic. Tess has long been known for her caring, comprehensive and holistic approach. She is a great listener and is passionate about helping clients achieve their specific goals with regards to a lifeless burdened by headaches or migraines.

    Tess combined her 20 plus years of experience as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with the advanced and specific manual therapy techniques of the Watson Headache® Approach, becoming the Sunshine Coast’s only Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner.