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Goodsky Testing, Treatment & Therapy Programme

Immediate support & therapy wherever you are within Australia since 2016.

Goodsky Testing, treatment & therapy

Some people over the years have not been able to attend our residential programmes which is why we offer the testing and treatment programme to you where you are. Now with Covid19 these programmes are even more popular.

Testing, treatment and therapy that gets you:

  • root cause scientifically backed answers
  • new treatment based on world leading science and best practice
  • new education to back up why we are asking you to engage in new techniques
  • tools and resources to be used throughout the programme
  • immediate therapy to assist you to stabilise and then effectively treat underlying issues.
  • support and structure so you feel as if you now have a team working with you with a shared goal. Your recovery.
  • Connect with a mix of our integrated team and local hand picked and vetted professionals and practitioners in your area.

    Private Pathology, Testing & Analysis

    Begin your programme with private pathology from Australian labs that test for:

  • gut microbiome including parasites, bacteria, yeast and fungus
  • hormones including stress, sexual and metabolic
  • genetics including MTHFR and reactions to medication
  • Your guts ability to make neurotransmitters
  • bacterial overgrowth or deficiencies
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • protein deficiency
  • Essential fatty acid deficiency
  • Behavioural Naturopathy

    (gut health, hormones, neurotransmitter function)

    Your naturopath will review your test results and questionnaire data to tailor a treatment plan while providing nutritional protocols for mental health with practitioner grade supplementation & herbal formula support.

    Behavioural naturopathy is included in your programme to:

  • address stress and sexual hormone imbalances
  • treat adrenal fatigue
  • repair gut damage
  • treat bacterial overgrowth or deficiencies
  • clear brain fog and poor memory
  • assist with weight problems through dietary protocols
  • enhance transmitter function
  • improve energy
  • optimise digestion and absorption
  • Appointments: 6 consultations

    Timeframe: 3 months

    Personalised Nutrition

    Your naturopath will create an individualized nutrition plan based on your presenting and identified conditions. This is going to be integral to getting your macro and micronutrient levels up to baseline and to change the bacterial ecosystem of your digestion.

    We include private sessions that provide education around food and what is required to restore gut health, reduce stress hormones and treat found conditions.

  • personalised nutrition plan and consults to treat specific conditions
  • takes into consideration your food preferences, including vegetarianism
  • includes food log tracking

  • Appointments

    2 private consultations with your naturopath online or in Maroochydore.

    Secure Online or In-person Psychotherapy

    Depending on your location you can begin in-person psychotherapy consults or online consults through Zoom or facetime anywhere in the country.

    While convenient, online therapy works well but for PTSD or extremely severe rated cases, we will try to find a local practitioner with the right skills sets and training for your needs. Every case is designed with safety and your best outcome in mind.

    Appointments: 20 hours of psychotherapy (1hour sessions)

    Timeframe: 3 months

    Psychotherapy (equine assisted)

    If practitioners and a facility is near you we include equine assisted psychotherapy as it is so effective.

    The highly trained EAGALA therapists in your programme (2 at all times throughout therapy) will assist you through a truly incredible experience that:

  • unlocks trauma and PTSD (as used by the military)
  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • reveals relationship and self insights
  • provide reflection & self development in areas of your life
  • builds confidence and self-worth

  • Appointments: 8 private private sessions with two therapists (1-1.5 hour sessions)

    Osteopathy Assessment & Treatment

    Physical stress and trauma resides in the body until it let go so an essential part of treating anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma is understanding what is happening physically.

    To do this you will receive a comprehensive physical and structural assessment to identify weak and unstable function causing pain and discomfort. We will find you an excellent practitioner in your area.

    Appointments: 1 Assessment + 2 treatment sessions

    Recommendation: get a chronic disease management plan from your GP if structural issues are present and continue treatments as required.

    Dietetics Eduction & Support

    Working together with your treatment team your dietitian uses only unbiased scientific evidence to support and back nutritional education for improved mental health and chronic disease.

    Your dietitian will work with you to continue lifestyle changes and habits that will help you throughout your life and support you to make the changes necessary for remission.

    We use specific dietary protocols that:

  • assist in mental health treatment
  • balance blood sugar levels
  • reduce inflammation
  • increase energy
  • decrease body fat
  • increase healthy fat & oils
  • reduce risk of chronic health conditions

  • Appointments: 4 consultations

    Medical Review

    You can access our team of specialist medical professionals with mental health training via telehealth or we can contact and work with your doctor where ever you are and request medical history and pathology with your written consent. We can also provide an online psychiatric assessment with pathology and recommendations.

    This medical review is essential in:

  • Establishing a medical baseline and identifying any contributing root causes
  • review any current medical advice or history
  • order specific pathology that hasn't been done before
  • request scans
  • refer to specialists if required
  • request a clinical sleep study

  • Appointments: 1-2 consultations

    Biometric Tracking

    sleep, food and activity monitoring

    We will send you a Fitbit charge three to monitor sleep and movement throughout your programme and provide access to food logs that track mood, hunger, energy and any reactions to foods. 

    All of this data gives your treatment teams insights into habits that can be identified, modified and optimised as they are all critical to mental and physical health. This will also show you where you are improving.

    Case Management

    Case management is your team behind the scenes that maintains progress in your programme and adapts it to changes and new found information as it becomes available. 

    They connect all of your treatment team with daily communications and case notes, monitor all aspects of your schedule and programme, monitors biometric data, supplies applicable resources, sources treatment team specialists and further medical history if accessible.

    Each programme is tailored to your needs and is dependant on location and suitable services available in your area. Budget and time frame can also vary.

    Testing Treatment & Therapy


    Testing Treatment & Therapy Programme

    3-4 months (depending on inclusions and usage) + gut restoration protocols

    Pricing starts from $35,000




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